Italian restaurant gravesend

Italian restaurants have gained immense recognition in the whole world since the last few decades. Though other cuisines of the world like Mexican, Chinese or Japanese are very popular, many are seen to prefer the Italian eateries.

Italian restaurants are considered to be the most numerous all over the world according to restaurants reviews. They are always a good option to stick to when choosing a place to eat out. Not all meal is completely healthy in Italian restaurants. But knowing the principal aspects of the Mediterranean diet, one can enjoy a really great and healthy food.

Italian restaurants also have amazing deserts to allow all of the guests in your gathering to find something delicious to finish their meal without having to worry about traveling to another location. There are many delicious cakes, cookies, and even ice creams that can serve as great desserts to finish the meal on a sweet note.

An Italian restaurant offers most couples something that they cannot get back at their home or apartment. This is an opportunity to let someone else take care of the meal, the service and the cleanup, while a couple’s only job is to enjoy the time spent together. This is a unique opportunity that lends itself to romance.

Bad Italian restaurants have an incredibly short shelf life. Not because Italian people are short of business sense they clearly are not but because if you cannot get the food right, customers will vote with their feet. It is practically a crime to get it wrong, and no one knows this better than the restaurateurs themselves. Food and wine are of such importance for Italian people that it is not acceptable to serve substandard food. And with so many Italian restaurants worldwide, the competition to provide the best food is naturally extremely fierce. When you eat at a good Italian restaurant, you will eat until you can eat no more. Why would you deprive yourself of such pleasure?

Authentic Italian restaurant Gravesend is the fast emerging as a treasure trove of great tasting, healthy and exciting Italian and Continental foods. Satiate your taste buds with most delicious Italian food right from the, pastas, salads, appetizers, desserts to beer and fine quality wines. For all those looking for sea foods these restaurants can be a right destination.

Every good Italian restaurant will have some staple items on the menu that diners love to order. Some examples of appetizers include garlic bread, fried zucchini or mushrooms, an antipasto tray, and salads dressed in olive oil and vinegar. Main dish selections often include a variety of pizzas, pastas, sauces, sandwiches, and grilled meats with sauce. Most main dishes have tomatoes, onions, garlic, and cheese as standard ingredients. Wine is often served with meals although there are a few beers made in Italy, as well. For non drinkers, soda pop or iced tea taste great with the savory fare. For dessert, cheesecake, cannoli, chocolate, ice cream, and licorice candies are popular. Rich coffee, which may be caffeinated or decaf, is a popular finishing touch.

Why to choose Italian Restaurant in Gravesend?

  • Provides authentic Italian & Continental cuisines

  • Open lounge perfect for corporate function and events

  • World class ambience with desirable comfort

  • Ultimate destination to find well prepared meat foods

  • Makes available good wines

  • Menu contains long list of recipes and beverages

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Freeze Your Eye liner

Does your eye liner frequently fall apart while placing it on? Our good friends at You Appeal suggest leaving it in the fridge freezer for 15 mins before using your make-up. It must move along your eyelash line flawlessly afterwards.

Cut With Conditioner

Soap your legs with conditioner rather of soap if you’re out of cutting lotion. Conditioner will certainly soften the hair on your legs making it much easier to cut (as well as it will certainly leave your skin sensation additional smooth).

Resource: You Appeal

Rinse Hair With Beer Or Vinegar

Washing your hair with beer assists bring back wetness to your locks while utilizing vinegar will certainly up the stake in sparkle. Saturate your hair in either fluid (not at the same time) for a couple of mins, after that wash with cold water.

Resource: You Appeal

Show up The Warmth

For curlier, flirtier eyelashes, the specialists at You Charm advise home heating your eyelash curling iron with a hair clothes dryer for 5 to 8 secs prior to crinkling them.

Usage Ice Cubes To Maintain Fat, Acne As well as Wrinkles Away

Obviously Pepto-Bismol isn’t really simply a belly soother, it could additionally be utilized as a face mask. It includes bismuth subsalicylate, which is frequently discovered in face lotions. In a meeting with Visitor’s Digest, Dr.Frances Jang, a skin specialist at Skinworks, suggested spreading out 2 tsps of Pepto-Bismol on your face, after that allowing it completely dry for 15 to Thirty Minutes prior to washing it off with cozy water.

Calm Your Tummy. And also Your Face

The professionals at You Charm advise rubbing an ice over your face up until it thaws. Do it every evening prior to bed and also maintain fat cells, acne as well as creases controlled.

Prior to using nail gloss, clean nails with an acetone-based cleanser. Essie Weingarten, creator of Essie Cosmetics, informed the pros at Redbook that cleaning up excess dust, oil or cream from your nails will certainly make certain that the gloss sticks effectively. Adhere to the remainder of these suggestions at Redbook and also your completely sleek manicure will certainly last for a fifty percent as well as a week.

Make Your Manicure Last. As well as Last.

Apply Sun block Daily

Put on sun block every day, sparkle or rainfall. When it’s gloomy, also. Inning accordance with the American Academy of Dermatology, 80 percent of the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays go through the clouds.

Do not Ignore Your Arm joints

It’s simple to forget your elbow joints, however they require equally as much security as well as treatment as various other parts of your body. Heal completely dry joints by rubbing Bio-Oil into them daily. You’ll see and also really feel softer elbows in at the very least 2 days.

Lighten Hair With Chamomile Tea And also Lemon Juice

In a meeting with Visitor’s Digest, Popie Poulos, hairdresser and also proprietor of The Beauty parlor, advises washing your hair with a combination of chamomile as well as fresh lemon juice as opposed to conditioner to completely lighten your hairs. Permit your hair to completely dry while being in the sunlight or utilize an impact clothes dryer– the warmth will certainly lighten your locks.

De-Puff Your Eyes With Raw Potatoes

In a meeting with Visitor’s Digest, Dr.Frances Jang, a skin specialist at Skinworks advises making use of raw potato pieces to relieve your eyes. She states they are astringent which indicates they aid reduce water retention and also they likewise include the enzyme catalase which aids lighten dark under eye circles. Wash the eye location carefully with warm water when you’re done.

Take full advantage of The Life-span Of Your Burn out

Your hair normally produces oil so be 2 actions in advance as well as spray your origins with completely dry hair shampoo prior to you begin generating oil. This method the completely dry hair shampoo will certainly soak up any type of dampness prior to it evaluates down your hairs. Make certain you safeguard your hair from wetness (rainfall is certain to destroy your hair) and also touch up your strike out in the early morning making use of a hair clothes dryer and also round brush.

Countouring Produces Measurement

Your face is 3 dimensional so using structure in a solitary tone will just make your face show up level. For suggestions on just how to contour your face according to its certain form, browse through Overall Charm.

Bid farewell To Make-up Sponges

Make-up sponges assist you use make up, however not without a price. They normally saturate up extra fluid structure compared to exactly what finishes up on your face. Obtain a structure brush.

Stay clear of Excessively Glowing Cheeks

You’ll desire to prevent cleaning on as well much (lest you look like a clown). Constantly begin your flush line 2 finger sizes away from your nose and also just use it on the apples of your cheeks.

Maintain Misbehaving Brows In Inspect

Spray a tidy mascara or an old tooth brush stick with hairspray, after that brush eyebrows as well as design them as preferred. Also one of the most tough to tame eyebrows will certainly fall in line with this technique.

Resource: Yahoo Buying

Using False Lashes

Apply adhesive on your falsies making use of a Q-tip. Making use of tweezers (or finger suggestions if you really feel that offers you much more control), area your falsies as close to your eyelash line as feasible.


Tooth paste Zaps Acne

The people over at Daily Radiance recommend using a little bit of tooth paste to an acne prior to bed as well as cleaning it off with cozy water when you wake up in the early morning. They claim that tooth pastes attracts pollutants out of clogged up dries out the skin as well as pores with reduces the acne.

Blot Away Excess Oil

If you have oily skin after that blotting documents are an elegance blessing. Do not utilize powder to saturate up the oil. Making use of also much occasionally throughout the day will certainly make your skin show up cakey due to the fact that you’re simply layering make-up on top of even more make-up.

No Make-up Eliminator? Attempt Cream Rather

Usage body cream to obtain rid of make-up if you’re out of make-up eliminator. It functions specifically well on challenging mascara.

Produce Richer Lips

If you’re tired of having slim, pursed creases, prolong your lip line making use of a neutral-toned lip lining. Use lipstick over top. Take care however– do not expand your lip line way too much.

Lashes For Miles

Crinkle your lashes both prior to as well as after using mascara for longer lashes. You could intend to re-curl them throughout the day to obtain some additional lift, simply keep in mind to be mild when you use stress with your curling iron.

Do not Pop It

No, no, no! Do not pop your pimples. Not just does it enhance the opportunity of scarring, it’s likewise most likely that you will certainly intensify the acne and also spread microorganisms to various other put on your face which might trigger one more outbreak.

Quit Your Hair Colour From Fading

The last point you desire is for the colour to discolor if you have actually simply had your hair colored. One guaranteed method to stop such an accident from taking place is to make use of a deep-conditioning therapy once a month. This will certainly aid secure colour as well as has actually the included advantage of fending off broken and also completely dry locks.

Usage An Apartment Iron To Produce Waves

Level irons are impressive devices with numerous usages. Not just could you utilize it to align your hair, you could likewise develop limited swirls or soft enchanting waves.

Scrub Your Lips

To do this, use lip balm to your lips, after that utilizing a tooth brush or tidy mascara stick, scrub your lips (do not be as well harsh). Utilize a cells to clean away excess flakes as well as voila!

Microwave Cream Into High-end

Make sure the oils in your cream do not different and also that it isn’t really also warm. Use it on to your skin as well as take pleasure in!

Resource: Bella Sugar

Scrub Daily

Peeling is a simple and also essential means to rub away the dead skin cells that cover your skin’s all-natural radiance. Make use of a light exfoliator, like the Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica, to refresh your face daily.

Know Your Color

When picking a structure, examination an item on the skin near your jawline. We actually enjoy Make-up Forever’s Undetectable Cover HD Structure due to the fact that it comes in so numerous tones.

Makes use of For Old Mascara Sticks

Cut down On Pedicures.

In some cases much less is extra. Since it will certainly take 10 mins or even more to be soaked up by the skin prior to your face is all set for make-up, do not rub your face with cream. In a meeting with Genuine Simple, Susan Evans, a skin specialist, claimed the most effective means to use face cream is to mix a dime-sized quantity on your cheeks, temple, chin as well as nose as opposed to hydrating greatly.

Hydrate Effectively.

Camouflage Grey Hair.

This possibly appears insane, however making use of an oil-based item to eliminate make-up or excess dust from your skin could really enhance your skin’ problem. Utilizing oil-based items will certainly have the contrary result.

Do not Pump Your Mascara.

Usage Dry Hair shampoo.

Deal with Ingrown Hairs.

Minimize Your Carbon Impact.

Prior to using bronzer or self-tanning cream, blend a decline or 2 of the service with wetness lotion. Mix utilizing your finger or a Q-tip after that put on skin as you would certainly routine cream. This will certainly make sure the lotion assimilates– as well as covers skin– uniformly.

Do not scrub your hair completely dry with your towel; it will certainly trigger your hair to frizz. Rather, prior to leaving the shower delicately press excess water from your hair. Cover your hair in a towel and also rub it completely dry to take in any kind of continuing to be dampness.

Tidy Your Make-up Brushes.

Use Pantyhose Or Leggings.

There are just 2 choices for your nails– with nail gloss or without. Do not enable your nails to be captured someplace between (there is absolutely nothing even worse compared to nails putting on broke red nail gloss). Even if you assume no person else will certainly observe, trust us, a person will.

Fragrance Fundamentals.
Simply since you can not scent it does not suggest various other individuals will not be able to. If you use it every day, opportunities are your olfactory feeling has actually simply come to be desensitized to the fragrance.

The people at Genuine Straightforward recommend utilizing mascara if you have dark hair if you desire to camouflage some hairs of grey hair on the go. For redheads or golden-haireds attempt cleaning your origins with bronzing powder.

Conserve cash on your appeal regimen by taking treatment of your feet on an everyday basis. When you tip out as well as completely dry off, use a wetness lotion to your feet.

We definitely enjoy completely dry hair shampoo, particularly Klorane (we utilize this brand name consistently). If you do not have completely dry hair shampoo, attempt cleaning simply the top of your head (or anywhere there is oil), with routine hair shampoo adhered to by a fast impact completely dry.

Resource: A Thrifty Mrs.

Exactly what’s even worse compared to having to put on a skirt with definitely no time to cut your legs? The inconvenience cost-free solution for this is to putting on pantyhose or leggings (attempt a formed set for something brand-new).

Do not throw out your old mascara stick, it’s still obtained a couple of usages left. Tidy it and also utilize it as an eyebrow brush rather. You may also discover it useful around your home– utilize it to unblock sinks or tidy difficult to get to locations in your house.

Use an item including azulene or witch hazel in order to help decrease the swelling and also soreness that’s related to in-grown hairs. From there, coax the in-grown hair from its place with a set of tweezers (do not draw it out, however– this will just make the in-grown hair grow back in similarly later on).

Use Bronzer Uniformly.

Tweezing Tips.

Usage Oil On Your Skin. If It’s Currently Oily, also.

Get rid of Toenail Polish Without Eliminator.

Seek advice from A Physician Prior to Standing out Tablets.

Be eco wise as well as lovely while you go to it. Reuse your old charm items by delivering them to Terra Cycle (you could download their pre-paid UPS delivery bundles on-line so it’s totally complimentary). They’ll take your old appeal items and also change them into something brand-new.

The specialists at Elegance Is My Responsibility state that you ought to never ever pump your mascara (i.e., removaling the stick backwards and forwards in television actually promptly) due to the fact that it will just permit air right into television which will certainly create your mascara to completely dry (and also inevitably reduce its life expectancy).

A Leading Layer Is A Must.

Stay clear of Chipped Toenail Polish Like The Plague.

Include a leading layer to fresh paintinged nails, and afterwards once again once they are completely dry. This makes your nail gloss much less most likely to chip and also will certainly guarantee it lasts much longer.

It’s real the much healthier you are, the much healthier your skin as well as hair will certainly be. Standing out supplements without reviewing them with your medical professional could do even more damage compared to excellent. Talk to your medical professional prior to standing out any type of tablets.

Clarify Your Hair.

Towel Dry The proper way.

Resource: Yahoo Purchasing.

Prior to you tweeze, see to it you soften your skin by swabbing a cotton round took in cozy water or lotion. Do so in the instructions of your hair’s development when you begin tweezing.

Ensure you tidy your make-up brushes routinely to stay clear of an accumulation of make-up deposit and also germs. You could buy make-up brush cleanser from a medication or appeal shop, or you could just make use of hair shampoo and also conditioner to cleanse your brushes as you would certainly your personal hair. Tidy brushes assure an extremely smooth as well as make-up application whenever.

Hi beauty therapy London Bridge

In order to get rid of item accumulation from locks, utilize a clearing up hair shampoo once a week. This will certainly additionally assist stop dandruff and also various other bothersome hair/scalp problems.

If you lack nail gloss cleaner, you could get rid of split or damaged nail gloss by using a clear leading layer to the nail as well as removing it immediately with a cotton round.

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Cedarwood is primarily a plant belonging to chilly environments and also is typically discovered at high elevations. The principal elements of Cedarwood Crucial Oil are Alpha Cedrene, Beta Cedrene, Cedrol, Widdrol, Thujopsene and also a team of Sesquiterpenes, which add a large amount to its medical worth and also health and wellness advantages.

Health and wellness Perks Of Cedarwood Necessary Oil
Below are a few of one of the most well-reserached and also prominent medical buildings and also advantages of Cedarwood Oil.

Cedarwood Important Oil is drawn out via the procedure of heavy steam purification from the timber items of the Cedar Timber tree, which has the taxonomic name Juniperus Virginiana (likewise called Cedrus Doedara, Cedrus Atlantica, as well as Cedrus Libani, depending upon the areas where they are located) in various other classification systems. The challenging names of cedar timber crucial oil do not influence the medical usages of the oil, of which there are lots of.

Cedarwood oil could be useful in healing this inflammatory scenario and also could decrease this skin peeling off regularizing sebum manufacturing and also dealing with the infection. The oil likewise minimizes the unsightly inflammation as well as evident indicators of the problem while treating it.

Bactericide: Cedarwood oil avoids injuries from ending up being septic in addition to securing them from tetanus bacteria. It could securely be used on the surface on injuries as an antibacterial, and also it is also utilized as an active ingredient in organic antibacterial lotions. By protecting the body versus contaminants, the cedarwood necessary oil eliminates the leukocyte as well as body immune system of the additional tension, which permits them to much better secure interior features.

Emmenagogue: Those that are having actually blocked and also uneven menstrual cycle could absolutely take advantage of utilizing Cedarwood Oil, as it is an emmenagogue, which implies it promotes as well as cause menstrual cycle, while likewise regularizing the cycle. The discomfort and also adverse effects like state of mind, tiredness, and also queasiness swings connected with menstrual cycle are likewise eliminated with the routine use Cedarwood Oil due to the fact that it could affect the hormone feature of different glands in the endocrine system.

Astringent: As an astringent, Cedarwood Oil aids to treat toothaches, reinforces the grasp of gum tissues on teeth as well as shields them from dropping out. As an astringent, cedarwood oil is likewise a valuable device for securing the skin from microorganisms as well as toxic substances.

The health and wellness advantages of Cedarwood Crucial Oil can be credited to its buildings as an antiseborrhoeic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, tonic, astringent, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, insecticidal, fungicidal and also sedative compound.

Cedar timber vital oilAntispasmodic: Alleviating convulsions is yet an additional essential medical residential property of Cedarwood Oil. Individuals that have problem resting due to uneasy leg disorder, respiratory system seizures, bronchial asthma, and also various other uncertain problems likewise locate alleviation from the comforting buildings of cedarwood oil.

Various other Advantages: Cedarwood oil is just as helpful in treating acne, joint inflammation, respiratory disease, cystitis, dandruff, dermatitis, anxiety, kidney problems and also as a therapy versus oily skin.

Fungicide: Cedarwood Oil has great fungicidal residential or commercial properties and also might be used to heal fungal infections, both interior and also exterior. Certain researches have actually revealed the breathing of cedarwood oil to safeguard the body versus numerous sorts of gastrointestinal disorder, in addition to plant, pet, as well as human fungal microorganisms!

Expectorant: If you are enduring from coughing, relevant as well as cool blockage, you ought to attempt Cedarwood Oil to ease the irritability. A little quantity of this oil could likewise assist you obtain a great evening’s rest when enduring from coughing and also cold.

Anti-inflammatory: Although the researches have actually generally been done on pets, very early human examinations have actually been really favorable in regards to cedarwood oil’s anti-inflammatory impacts on joint inflammation. The swelling of the joints as well as cells that causes such incapacitating discomfort or pain can be rather reduced by the breathing or topical application of the oil on the skin.

Pesticide: Cedarwood oil has actually remained in usage as an insect as well as insect repellant for a long period of time. When utilized in vaporizers, it repels insects, flies as well as various other bugs in a huge location around your home. It is frequently sprayed on cushions or sheets in the evening so insects and also various other in a similar way bothersome pests as well as parasites are repelled while you rest.

Restorative: Cedar Timber Oil can be utilized as a basic wellness restorative, given that it tones the body organ systems and also promotes metabolic rate. It tightens up as well as tones muscle mass, skin, nerves, tummy, gastrointestinal system as well as mind features. It enhances the capability of the kidney and also liver, which additionally enhances general health and wellness as well as health.

It is an exceptional sedative, and also has an excellent relaxing as well as soothing impact on the mind, remedies swellings, itching of skin, while easing stress as well as stress and anxiety. This function additionally assists in advertising healthy and balanced, corrective, and also undisturbed rest, so it is typically utilized by clients enduring from sleeping disorders. For this factor, cedarwood aromatherapy is additionally advised for individuals with persistent anxiousness, stress and anxiety, and also anxiety, given that it could eliminate those problems.

A Couple of Words of Care: Cedarwood Oil might generate irritabilities on the skin if made use of in high focus. Unlike some vital oils, cedarwood oil could not be consumed in any type of amount.

Magic organic


Diuretic: Its duty as a diuretic is an additional helpful home of Cedarwood Oil that could aid treat a variety of disorders consisting of weight problems, high blood pressure, hypertension, rheumatism, joint inflammation, gout pain, urinary system infections as well as the buildup of toxic substances in the blood. Being a diuretic, it raises the regularity of peeing which acts as a tool for elimination of fat, excess water and also toxic substances like uric acid from the body. These contaminants as well as added water collected in the body are the primary reasons behind those disorders.

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In present world, laptop or computer ends up being one of one of the most significant daily used gizmos. These gadgets can boost your efficiency. There are hundreds of things that could be done conveniently by the help of these devices. You could access internet by their assistance and be updated with most current info along with do innovative shows tasks. When these devices damage down individuals get badly affected and also search for laptop or computer repair service selections. Well, below we will review most helpful however typical repair selections that can be used to laptops and also computers.

Established Solution Center: It is true that there are a number of methods that can be applied to accomplish computer system repair service needs. Factor, you will get repair service without any type of price and also there will certainly be no risk of not authentic components.

Supplier: Next alternative that numerous individuals make use of to fix their computers or laptops is manufacture assistance. They directly speak to with the maker manufacturer. This approach is considered one of the most inexpensive due to the fact that a lot of the moments business resolve issues without any price to satisfy their customers and also construct reputation among people.

Computer repair

Free Online Aid: If your device is not under warranty and issue is not serious then totally free online help from Google, Yahoo, or Bing is the most effective suggested alternative for you. Just go to your favored internet search engine and also type “laptop computer repair” it will certainly reveal you a checklist of companies or individuals that offer on-line aid at an economical price or perhaps free of cost.

Regional repair work store: You could go for a neighborhood computer or laptop computer service center, if you have complete faith and trust fund on them. An additional method to take their assistance is that take their solutions in front of your eyes to make sure that they could not change any kind of original get rid of fraudulent one. If the store is brand-new and you do not have trust fund on their abilities, don’t leave your device at repair store for a lengthy time.

Do it yourself: There are numerous laptop problems that can be taken care of in your home without the help of any kind of professional. Yes, you can fix them on your own easily. You could read articles and blog sites on internet pertaining to your present computer trouble.

Remote Assistance: One more finest alternative to obtain your system repaired quick is remote repair work company help. These services are quick, simple to make use of as well as affordable. By their aid you can obtain your system repaired at mid evening quickly as these are time efficient.

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Here at our restaurant in Gravesend you can taste Italian and Lithuanian dishes. You can start from our tasty  starters, risotto and soups.

For the mains we have very wide option here. If you are meat lover – choose from 8 tasty meat dishes. For the true Italian macaroni – choose from our pasta menu.

We have options for vegetarians or just fish lovers too.  And the must try is our true Italian pizza section. Choose from 15 delicious and authentically prepared pizzas. We prepare these pizzas in traditional Italian oven brought specially to you straight from Italy!

Menu for Gravesend restaurant

In our restaurant you can try authentic Lithuanian food too. Just check our Lithuanian hot dish section.

If you will come to our restaurants with kinds – no problem. We have special menu for kids too.

Do not forget to use our Every day Lunch offer. It is valid from Wednesday till Friday – 12am to 5pm. You will not find better prices for tasty food in Gravesend.

If you will book a table for four persons in our restaurant – you will get bottle of vine FOR FREE! Just call us for details.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Our opening hours

Wednesday – Thursday 12am -10pm

Friday – Sunday 12am – 11pm

New Italian restaurant in Gravesend menu


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3 cource Italian set menu with unlimited drinks

This meal with unlimited drinks is valid only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Start your meal with a choice of olives, fried bread with cheese, herring or squid / onion rings. For the main meal you will be able to choose between Pork, chicken, turkey and fish. You can choose pasta for main meal too. Every meal can be accompanied  with mashed potatoes, rice or fries.

With this special set menu you will be able to drink as much as you want. You can choose from bottomless Beer, House wine or even Whiskey!

For the dessert you will be able to choose from tasty Sicilian cream, Ice cream or Chocolate.

It is always better idea to book a table in advance. To do that just call us  0147 439 4946.

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Where the pizza started from?

There is a theory that word pizza have come from word pinsa (in Latin). It means flatbread. Pizza has been making since Bronze Age. In middle Ages pizzas started to look more modern and similar to what we eat now.

Early pizzas were very simple and they were consumed by peasants. It consisted of only few ingredients they could get. Mozzarella cheese made big change to pizza look and taste. Even today this cheese cannot be substituted. Of course you can use other cheese, but real Italian Pizzeria will never use cheddar or any other dried cheese on their pizzas.

Another big breakthrough in Italian pizza was introduction of tomatoes in 18th century. Pizza has become more modern when tomatoes started to be used as food, not only as decoration. Food used only by poor people started to be eaten by aristocracy. Everyone liked it so much that pizza is started to be sold by all street vendors in Naples. They offered pizzas with different topics to choose from. In 18th century fist pizzeria was created. And this establishment still sells tasty pizza in Naples.



Why pizza?

Pizza has become very popular in whole world. How and why it got that much popularity? There is very simple answer for that – it very easy to make and it offers tons of variations and possibilities of toppings, crusts sauces and cheeses.

Most popular pizza types

Pizza can have many variations depending on country where it was made. First pizzas made in Napoli where only ones in the world. In 20th century pizza was introduced in America, where it slowly started to be one of the most popular dishes. After success in America, pizza started to spread to the world. Pizza popularity created many variations of it, so Napoli created a law to protect original process of pizza creation.

Below is the list of most popular pizza types that can be found all over the world

American pizza

Pizzas are quite different out there. Few most popular pizza styles in America
• Twice baked pizza
• Thin crust pizza in New York
• Deep dish Pizza in Chicago

Australian pizza

This pizza is famous because of usage of sea products. It is heavily filled with eggs and cheese. In Australia they first started to use most exotic pizza ingredients such as tiger prawns, salmon, kangaroo, crocodile and emu.

Brazilian pizza

Pizza has become very popular in mid 20th century. Only in Sao Paolo they eat more than a million pizzas every day. Brazilians have their own styles of pizzas, but Neapolitan and Roman pizzas are amongst most popular ones.


Pizza in India

This is quite new dish in India. It started just 25 years ago with big chain restaurants such as Pizza hut and Domino. Now Indians eat mostly Italians pizzas, but they developed local varieties such as Paneer and Tandoori pizza.

Korean Pizza

Only recently pizza was introduced to Korea. Along with world famous pizza brands, there are local pizza makers, who offer toppings that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. These pizzas are very difficult to make and are unique to this region.

Israel pizza

They are similar to pizzas eaten worldwide, but you can buy kosher variation of pizza, made without meat or with meat substitutes.

Exotic pizzas


There are lots of exotic pizzas in the world. Here are few of them –
• Chocolate pizza – with candy, peanut butter or marshmallow toppings
• Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza with tons of calories
• Scottish deep fried pizza – that comes with French fries as standard



Italian traditional pizza

Pizza Napoletana

This is authentic Italian pizza protected by food heritage law. This traditional pizza is created from mozzarella cheese, San Marzano tomatoes, natural Neapolitan yeast and high protein content.

Lazio style Italian pizza

This type of pizza is very popular in whole Italy. It has originated from Rome and has square or oval form. This style can have several variations listed below

• Pizza Romana has been made from mozzarella, tomatoes, anchovies, oregano and oil.
• Pizza Viennese made with German sausage.
• Pizza Capricciosa made with a topping of mushrooms, prosciutto, artichoke hearts, olives and a boiled egg
• Sicilian pizza – which toppings are cooked directly to the crust.
• Calzone pizza – also called turnaround. It is folded pizza with toppings inside it. Italian calzones are smaller than in America. They are filled with meats, vegetables and mozzarella.
• Pizza leggera – small pizza with very thin crust.

Margherita pizza

This pizza gets its name from queen Margherita. She visited Pizzeria in Naples in 19th century and liked the pizza, made especially for her, very much. This pizza contained ingredients in three colours from Italian flag. White was mozzarella cheese, Red – tomato and green – basil leaves.

This pizza is very simple to make and is very tasty. In America it is known as cheese pizza. This pizza is spread through the Italy. There can be few modifications depending on the region, but all Margherita pizzas are made from fresh local ingredients.

Other Italian pizzas

Pizza Margherita have set the standard, but there are plenty of other popular pizza varieties in Italy today. Pizza in true Italian pizzeria is recognized by oval shape, freshly made to order and made in special oven.

There are varieties of this pizza in Italy such as four cheese pizza. It consists of fresh mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and gorgonzola cheese. There is Italian pizza with sea food such as tuna, shellfish, anchovies and shrimps. Four season pizza is made to represent all seasons of the year. It comes with Prosciutto, artichokes, salami, mushrooms and tomatoes. Sicilians have their own pizza varieties, with toppings such as seafood, green olives, peas and hard boiled eggs.

There are lots of pizzas to discover. Most of them are delicious. It is harder to find place where to try true Italian pizzas. Most of the pizzerias make fast, not authentic pizzas. Read on and learn how to find true pizzeria near you.

Very modern pizzas

Pizzas have evolving constantly and in the past years there are new varieties such as Pizza with cherry tomato and arugula. They become extremely popular in Italy.
Pizza rustica is widely sold in Italy. It goes with onions, marinated mushrooms and artichokes. This pizza crust is big, made in large pans on the street and is great for quick bite.

Pizza focaccia goes without cheese or tomatoes and are covered with olive oil, caramelized onions and other savory toppings.

Pizza sfinctione is made with thick sheet and goes with anchovies, tomato sauce, breadcrumbs and caciovallo cheese.

Sweet pizzas are the new trend that gains popularity. Many Italian pizzerias try to make their desert pizzas with honey, nutella, yogurt, and fruit jam and even liquor and mustard.
Authentic mozzarella di bufala cheese is more and more used instead of other cheese types.

Is pizza healthy?

There are big discussions about pizza benefits and disadvantages. It is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Many people trying to find is it healthy food or not. There is no single answer to this question. As most pizza chains keeps using their fast food techniques to prepare pizzas, small local Italian pizzerias very often use authentic Italian techniques and ingredients to create their pizzas. Properly cooked pizza is one of the healthiest foods in today’s market. It can be very nutritional meal and can be healthy to your body and metabolism.

If you use only fresh ingredients in your pizza it can give you only benefits to your body. Tomatoes have lycopene which is powerful antioxidant. Some other pizza ingredients are good for your metabolism. Mozzarella is cheese rich with proteins, fats and calcium. Olive oil reduces bad cholesterol. Garlic is rich with selenium, vitamin C, manganese and other compounds. Oregano is source of fiber, oils, vitamin K and manganese. Vegetable pizza made from olives or fish can be used by people on diet. Pizza made in the right way and with the good quality ingredients can be classified as healthy food.

Try to avoid frozen pizzas. They can contain large amount of salt, fat and calories. Cheap pizzas made with poor quality ingredients and in inappropriate way can do negative impact on health.

Some interesting pizza facts

  • Fist pizza was made in 18th century in Naples
  • First pizza was dry, flat bread made by poor people
  • Person who ate most pizza in the world per week is Romanian guy called Dimitru. He has eaten two hundred pounds of pizza per week!
  • Largest pizza in the world was created in South Africa. This pizza was 37.4 meters in diameter and weighted more than 2 tones.
  • National pizza month in US is October.
  • Least favoured topping in US is anchovies. Most liked – pepperoni
  • Longest pizza delivery was from England to Australia. Pizza made more than ten thousand miles!
  • Most expensive pizza was made with edible gold, cognac marinated lobster and champagne soaked caviar. This pizza was sold for more than two thousand pounds.
  • There are nine thousand pizzerias in New York
  • Annually more than five billion pizzas are sold in entire world.
  • One billion of them are delivered to homes.
  • Record for pizza making – 14 pizzas in two and a half minutes.
  • Squid is the most popular toping in Japan.
  • Just ten percent of all pizzas consumed in the world have meat in it.



Taste real Italian pizzas

We are proud that our restaurant can offer you authentic Italian pizzas. We use only fresh ingredients, real Italian ovens and techniques to crate our Italian pizzas. There are only few places where you can taste real pizza. Most of the restaurants use fast food technique to make pizzas. We spent a lot of time in Italy trying to learn how real pizzas are made. And we have brought specials recipes and ovens to cook them. Visit us in Gravesend, Kent and try real Italian pizzas yourself.



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Restaurant Gravesend set menuSome time ago lunch was most important meal of the day for Italians. As the times changed, it is rarer for the Italian families to gather around a table during lunch time. Many people, including many mothers’ works full time during the day time and the children are going to school during up until afternoon. There is no time to eat at home so more and more people choose restaurants or trattorias for their lunch meal.

There are varieties of places where you can eat lunch –

Pasticceria (bar) where you can get food such as salads slices of pizza or sandwiches.

Ristorante and tavola calda offers hot dishes and you can sit and relax there eating a lunch.

Gastronomia offers good sandwiches, but you need to have good Italian language to order there. And remember that Italian sandwiches are different from we used to eat in UK. They are lighter and you can be disappointed to find your meal consisting just from bread and tiny slices f prosciutto ham.

You cannot delay your lunch in Italy. Most places close down at 2 pm, so you can be left without most important meal of the day.

Is there still traditional Italian family lunch left? Yes, – weekend is a time when tasty homemade food can be enjoyed. Italians are very proud of their food. And it is worth it. It is very popular in the world because of simplicity and fresh ingredients.

Traditional Italian lunch consist from the first course and the main course. For the first course (in Italy called primo) pasta is mainly served. For the North regions of Italy rice and variety of risotto is more common for primo meal.

For the main course (secondi in Italian) meat and fish platters are served. They are accompanied with fresh vegetable or various salads. For meats they eat everything – chicken, beef are very popular for Italian lunch. Of course you will get delicious Italian bread and cheese with you lunch. After a lunch you will have pleasure to taste fresh fruits or other traditional Italian dessert.

Italian lunch cannot be finished without a good vine. Especially on weekend Italians love to have a glass or two of good vine. Right before their la siesta.

We know how important lunch is. So we created lunch menu especially for you. If you live or work in Gravesend you can try our delicious lunch menu. Just for £12.90 you will be able to get delicious 3 course lunch. You can choose between variety of starters, main meals and desserts. Please check our weekend lunch menu and visit us soon. We do not close for siesta :) so you can enjoy our lunch from 12 to 5 pm.

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As the cheerful winter season approaches, consider planning your Christmas evening. For those who prefer hassle free festivities, enjoy special evening at the TM Italian restaurant in Gravesend.

We offer fantastic options for individuals, couples or small family groups.
Don’t spend your festive season slaving over a hot stove over a busy kitchen. Leave that to the professionals. Book your spot with your friend and family at our Gravesend restaurant and enjoy Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day lunch without the mess or fuss.

Have a hassle free Christmas and treat your family with a delicious three course festive feast at our restaurant in Gravesend on 21 to 28 of December 2014. Taste our Italian and traditional meals fusion accompanied with delicious desserts to keep everyone satisfied.

It’s a perfect way to celebrate Christmas with none of the fuss but with all of the traditional trimmings.
Our restaurant is perfect place to spend festive Christmas season in Gravesend. Enjoy our tasty set menu and an elegant atmosphere for a truly memorable experience.

Fulfil your dinner experience with a glass of FREE house vine or choose one from more than 30 best vines from all over the world.

Check our festive menu below. To organize your Christmas dinner please call 01474394946. We look forward to welcoming you to RM restaurant this Christmas.

Best restaurant for Christmas dinner Gravesend

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Located in southern Europe, Italy is slightly larger than the state of Arizona. Most of Italy is mountainous, and it is home to Mount Vesuvius, the only active volcano on the European mainland. From the early Middle Ages (beginning around A.D. 500) to the late 1800s, Italy consisted of separate republics, each with different culinary (cooking) customs. These varying cooking practices, which were passed down from generation to generation, contributed to the diversity of Italian cuisine. Italy’s neighbor countries, including France, Austria, and Yugoslavia also contributed to the differences in the country’s cuisine. Italy changed in many ways when the economy flourished after World War II. During this time, farming was modernized and new technologies and farming systems were introduced. Various culinary practices throughout the country’s regions began to combine. Many southern Italians traveled to the north at this time, introducing pizza to northern Italians. Those from the north introduced risotto (a rice dish) and polenta (a simple, cornmeal dish) to the south. Italian food is very regional. There are special dishes that are unique to one town or a small collection of nearby towns that you can’t find anywhere else. Fast foods, mostly introduced from the United States, have brought more culinary diversity to Italy. Each area has its own specialties, primarily at a regional level, but also at provincial level. The differences can come from a bordering country (such as France or Austria), whether a region is close to the sea or the mountains, and economics. Italian cuisine is also seasonal with priority placed on the use of fresh produce.

Popular Italian food restaurant Gravesend

Italians are known throughout the world for pizza, pasta, and tomato sauce as well as their use of herbs in cooking, especially oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary, and sage. Cheese also plays an important role in Italian cuisine. There are more than 400 types of cheese made in Italy, with Parmesan, mozzarella, and asiago among the best known worldwide. Despite their great variety, foods in Italy share a few common features which make them so famous and appreciated all around the globe. The feature which best describes Italian food is, in my opinion, quality. Quality of the ingredients, the production process and the displaying (because you should also please the eye). The ingredients: vegetables, fruit, oil, cereals, wine and any other product are produced according to strict safety rules. A recent study on the percentage of pesticides contained in Italian foods has showed that only 0,7% of them resulted in being produced using chemicals. Even the production process is of a high standard. This is true both for the industrial output and the home made traditional Italian food. Another unique feature of foods in Italy is simplicity. Italian cuisine is great with just a few ingredients: tomatoes, oil, bread and wine, to name a few. Again quality of ingredients such as mozzarella and tomatoes is what makes the difference.   Yet simplicity on its own would not be enough to make Italian food so delicious. Fantasy is the other fundamental ingredient. Italians have the talent to improvise sumptuous dishes from an empty fridge. Healthiness also makes traditional Italian food so popular around the world. Olive oil, for example, is used much more than butter or cream. Ready sauces are still regarded with a sort of shame among the majority of Italians. Any sauce should be rigorously handmade.


Whether eating at home or in a restaurant, Italians take food seriously. Italians generally eat three meals a day. Adults eat a light breakfast (la prima colazione), often stopping at a coffee shop on their way to work for a caffellatte (coffee with milk) or cappuccino with bread, butter, and jam, or cake. Lunch (pranzo) and dinner (cena) are similar meals. They consist of an antipasto (an appetizer based on cold meats), a pasta or rice dish (depending on the region) such as risotto. Many Italians take longer breaks during the day and lunch is eaten between noon and 2 p.m. and dinner is served after 7:30 p.m.

They prefer to dine in a leisurely fashion, savoring their meals over a bottle of wine and conversation. Wine and bread are always served during main meals.

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